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Kelly Christmas

My name is Kelly Christmas and my sincere hope

in creating this tool is that it will help guide you toward enlightening the truest and most authentic parts of yourself. It is within that insight where you will align your life experience with the infinite abundance the universe has waiting for you.

Changing the way we think about ourselves. 

Take your seat in The Owner's Box



To ignite the personal awareness necessary to access the toolbox you already possess,

so that you may build the joyful life you were destined to live.

In doing so, you will inspire and encourage others to so the same.



The purpose of The Owner's Box is to bring self-awareness to your life; to recognize certain strengths and deficiencies, so you may choose a well-balanced direction. By taking ownership of the choices and decisions that you actively manage, you will embark on a remarkable journey. The first step is to acknowledge that YOU sit in The Owner's Box. Think of that space as your body, mind, and spirit, which is essentially YOUR playing field. You call the shots and make the decisions on who and what gets to enter your field. Our thoughts and beliefs become our reality and luckily, no one else has the ability to shape that but us. It is imperative to understand that we own the control, therefore we are accountable for the situations and consequences these choices bring.



Working with crystals over the years, we have experienced the magical ways they can transform, heal and support all areas of life. Crystals have natural earth properties that not only ground energy but amplify it, as well. When you incorporate crystals into your regime, you energize that which you are calling into your life. This enables you to live in your calling as your highest self. The more interactive you are with the crystals, the more you will supercharge your efforts and reinforce your desires and intentions.

Using The Owner's Box, you will work closely with each crystal’s energetic strength, to navigate your way toward your desired results, and seek a balanced flow among them. The crystals provide a tangible piece of support that is real and present. Seeing and (especially) holding them, will bring you to a place of alignment to reach your goals.

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